About Us

About Us

Psychic Rishi is an experienced astrologer with many years of experience. He is a
reputed psychic reader in the US and offers a range of services that address the root cause of
your problems.

Are you experiencing many unexplained problems? Is there too much negative energy in
your life? You are probably under a curse or a hex placed on you using black magic. Do not
panic! There are experts that can help you break the curse, do away with the black magic, and
bring back positivity in your life.

Black magic is a result of living in a world with hatred, jealousy, envy, cynicism, and
selfishness. Many people bear ill-will towards you without you knowing it. You may require
the services of a black magic removal expert like Psychic Rishi for a range of black magic
services. Some of the services are listed here.

Separation and divorce

Sexual disorders

Marriage problems

Health issues

Family problems

Business problems

Get your love back

Career problems

Education problems

Getting your love back

Black magic can be used on you by people that do not mean well. They may lead you to become estranged from a loved one. The black magic removal specialist can utilize the black magic to get your love back and to solve other love problems in your life. This is achieved mostly using spells. If you are a negative person, your spells will be based on your negativity and if you are positive, your spells will be based on that positivity.

Solving family problems

You may have people in your family experiencing unexplained problems. Your child may experience disturbances in life or your parent may have a strange health condition that no one can seem to diagnose. Psychic Rishi can help by applying black magic to the problem and giving solid advice, which if followed as directed, will lead to the dissipation of the problem.

Solving education problems

Your child may be experiencing problems in his/her educational life. He/she may fail to understand certain subjects in school or may have problems remembering what has been taught. The psychic can utilize mantras and spells to solve the problem and allow your child to be on par with his/her peers.


The first thing that a black magic specialist does is to understand all the difficulties in your life. Once you have detailed your problems and what you think are the sources, the specialist will develop a solution for you based on his/her knowledge and available spells.Some of the solutions include:

Use of spells and mantras to fulfill your desires
Use of black magic to control another person
Using black magic to remove the effects of a curse

Most of the problems that you experience are intertwined. Love problems are usually associated with family problems, health problems may be tied to sexual disorders and family problems may stem from divorce or separation or from other marriage problems. The psychic will need to make an assessment of all your problems meaning that you need to be open and detailed. As explained, the psychic may have to offer a range of service rather than a single service. Solutions will depend on the type of problem you have and its severity.